Master MTA: Course in a BOX

Training a prêt-à-porter
Developed in collaboration with
 Style Italiano Endodontics

An innovative way to learn and practice

Sooner or later, all dentists will have to face a iatrogenic error and you will have to find a solution for your patient! MTA is a very interesting material for solving errors and iatrogenic mistakes. It’s incredibly well known in literature and with the right protocols and set of tools it can become a great solution for a lot of endodontics issues.

About this course

In this innovative Course in a box you will know what MTA is and how you should properly use. Join Massimo Giovarruscio and Riccardo Tonini, Style Italiano Endodontics Gold Members, and learn through their clinical examples how versatile and useful MTA is.

Then, follow Riccardo Tonini’s examples in the “hands on” part and try yourself with the tools you find in the Training box.

Master MTA: Course in a Box

Price: € 390

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Your teachers for this course

Two Style Italiano Endodontics Gold Members

What's in the box

In the training box you will find the following items:

- 4 envelopes of MTA

- Distilled water

- Deppeler Prexo

- Spatola

- Microbrushes

- MAP System M1 conformation

- Curette to clean MAP System

- 8 plungers for MAP System

- 2 teeth of the MiTiCa kit

- Sponges (matrix simulators)

- Justool Plano, the Endodontic organizer

Free lectures from the course

Get to know your teachers for this course
MTA is a very well known material in the literature and is very versatile to solve endodontic issues
Let's get started for the hands-on session assembling the MAP System
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Course outline

- Introduction
- What are bioceramics
- How to manage a perforation
- Clinical case: retreatment
- Clinical case: iatrogenic error
- Decision making process
- Clinical case: unexpected canal
- Restoration timing
- Perforations: take home message
- Wide apexes management
- Apical plug
- How to manage extrusions
- Clinical case: apical plug
- Complications
- Deliver MTA
- Clinical case: short and long roots
- Clinical case: molar with long roots
- Conclusions
- PRACTICE: Inside the box
- PRACTICE: Assemble the MAP System
- PRACTICE: Floor perforation
- PRACTICE: Apical plug
- PRACTICE: Disassembling
- PRACTICE: Conclusions

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone willing to learn more about MTA and gain confidence in using it in the daily routine practice. Both General Practitioners and Endodontists will benefit from the examples, the explanations of the clinical cases and the hands-on session provided by the two speakers.

Learning Goals

You’ll learn how to use MTA to solve the two most common problems you can face in Endodontics, which are the apical plug and the floor perforation.
At the end of this masterclass you should be confident in preparing and using MTA and you will have learned a reliable protocol to use it in a predictable and repeatable way.

And after the course:

Join the live session!

All the professionals who purchased the course will recieve an invitation to join a live Zoom classroom with dr. Riccardo Tonini who will re-do the practice part together with you and will answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have access to after purchasing the course?

After purchasing the course you will have access to the digital lectures and will receive the training box after few days (times of delivery vary depending on the country you live in).
After following Riccardo Tonini’s hands on sessions, you can re-use some of the tools, like Deppeler Prexo, MAP System M1, Plano and, after removing the MTA, you can re-use to keep on training the two MiTiCa teeth.

How to purchase the Course in a Box

To purchase the Master MTA Course in a Box you will need to register on our website partner and purchase the course using a credit card.
After that, we will ship in the following days your training box.
You will have access for unlimited time to the digital lectures.

And after the course? Join the live sessions

During the following months, we will host some live sessions with Riccardo Tonini, so you will be able to follow along his practice and will have the chance to ask him eventual doubts and ask for suggestions.
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